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True Crime At the Border of Arizona & Mexico!

Path of the Devil - Camino del Diablo: Based on True Events of a DEA Agent and Two Private Investigators

Path of the Devil/
Camino del Diablo

Order in English or Spanish: Path of the Devil: Camino del Diablo is a story of true events that occurred 1991-1996. DEA Agent Larry Hardin and two private investigators, Jeff Pearce and Randy Torgerson, were determined to bring down the Meraz organization along the southwestern border. For five years the three men spearheaded two separate, and simultaneous investigations in different locations that eventually merged.

Jeff and Randy provided information to Larry to build his case when they found the Meraz’s were working with corrupt employees of their California client. The Meraz’s attempted to murder two DEA agents (1970s) and were connected to the murders of Kiki Camerena, George Montoya, Paul Seema, Jose Montoya, Dan Elkins, and Michael Crowe. Larry was determined to indict the Meraz’s.

It Started with a Pencil: Memoir, Leslie B. DeMille

This memoir of Leslie B. DeMille chronicles his passion for creating art throughout his life. He started at a young age with pencil sketches of the backs of heads of the people in front of him in church. Through the winning of three first place awards for his oil paintings at ages 11, 15, and 16, he was validated that this is the road he should take. In order to learn more about art and promote his work, he moved the family, his wife and five children, ages ten and under, plus the dog to California. Subsequently, he became internationally renowned for his work and inspiration through his galleries, workshops, and demonstrations. This story relates his accomplishments and stories along the way. Included are nearly 100 color photos of his work.

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Mathematics Success for All Students: Including Those Who Struggle

A Handy Resource Booklet based on research. 6"x9"
As a many students find mathematics the most difficult to learn, we need to remind ourselves that they learn differently than we did. They can be successful when math is provided in a way that helps students learn best.
• Sample lessons and activities for middle and high school students are included.

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Additional Products: My Ed Expert and Leslie B. DeMille

Additional Books Dianne has authored: Essential Math Skills: Preparation for the 2014 GED Test, 2013 ; Enhancing Achievement of Students through Art and Technology: Transformation for Life, 2011; Creating a System-Wide Mathematics Teaching and Learning Plan for Student Success: A Course of Study, 2010; Strengthening Mathematics Instruction: Cognitive Complexity and Instructional Practices with CSU, 2010; Essential Mathematics – online diagnostics for mathematics standards grades 3-9, 2004-2012; California High School Exit Exam Teacher Guides and Remediation Guide 2001, 2002; Golden State Exams Teacher Guides and Professional Development Guide, 1994-2002; California State Board Adopted Standards Grade Level Booklets – English/Language Arts, Mathematics, History/ Social Science, Science, 1999-2010; Community Outreach: Focus on Assessment, 1997; Focus on Mathematics, 1995; Southern California Regional Algebra/Geometry Project: SCRAP I & II - Focus on Algebra & Geometry Manual and Facilitator's Manual with Videos and Guide, 1993 and 1994; An original author for Investigating Mathematics: An Interactive Approach, 1994.