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Additional Work of Dianne’s Consultant Services

As a consultant in education, Dianne has helped students interested in art to experience lessons of a master portrait artist. Dianne's father, Leslie B. DeMille, is an internationally renowned artist who painted most of his life. He passed away at age 90 in 2017. Dianne has edited and produced several instructional videos featuring Leslie B. DeMille as the instructor of painting with pastels. Dianne is co-author of the book; It Started with a Pencil: Memoir, Leslie B. DeMille, 2016.

Video Lessons (many FREE) from a World Renowned Artist!

Leslie B. DeMille is sharing his library of demonstrations and workshops. He always loved to teach others his techniques with pastels. With his multiple strokes he was no longer able to draw or paint for the last few years of his life. Mr. DeMille's daughter, Dianne DeMille, has edited and narrated the videos for you to learn directly from "The Artist". Techniques shown are what he used for all his pastel paintings. The Introduction Video on the right is where Mr. DeMille describes his desire to share his expertise as a well-known Artist. 

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An introduction to the videos of Leslie B. DeMille demonstrating how to draw, the basics of working with pastels, and how to do a portrait in sepia or full color. Click Here to view all available lessons.